Founder's Profile

International Therapies: Hydra facialPassion, persistence and perfection is what Cosmetologist Sujata brings to the table, along with her experience and expertise.

A Mumbai University Graduate, Cosmetologist Sujata Naik has gained skin care knowledge from world over. She has studied Cosmetology from US and taken laser treatment lessons from Spain.

This international trove of knowledge has helped her participate in prestigious training sessions on international skin therapies, held regularly in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

Sujata founded Sakasti Skinic in 2007, and since then there has been no looking back. She has been doing meticulous live research on skin care and understanding influence of external and internal factors causing skin problems. Result, she has formulated a host of exclusive signature treatments that are performed only at Sakasti Skinic, along with international treatments.

Sujata strives for excellence, which reflects in her determination in using only the finest skin care products. She shares a strong relationship with leading international brands like Dermalogica™ and Obagi, offering a wide range of best professional skincare products.

Her hands-on experience helps her deliver skin-science to make more people beautiful, healthy and younger-looking.

“Science never fails, lack of understanding does”, is what Cosmetologist Sujata believes in. This drives her passion to treat greater skin concerns; and of course, create extremely happy and satisfied clients, basking in their glowing skin’s glory.

In a very short span of time, her entrepreneurial spirit has helped her achieve great heights. Today, she has her own skin clinic and a strong team of professional skin care experts. She has been guiding people through articles and write-ups in various distinguished magazines in India.

Extremely well-organised, dedicated and resourceful, Sujata finds pleasure in guiding aspiring professionals through Sakasti’s cosmetology workshops and certificate courses for doctors and therapists to excel in the art and science of cosmetology.

Apart from being an ingenious entrepreneur, her optimism and light-hearted nature adds pleasant shades to her personality.

“The skin is the screen which reflects the state of the health of your entire body”

Sakasti Profile

The Concept Sakasti is a skin-science centre, offering customised skin analysis, skin treatments and therapies, backed by state-of-the-art technology and notable experience of years.

The Team Ours is a steadfast team of passionate skin care professionals, comprising of doctors, surgeons, dermatologists, estheticians, analysts, and therapists, all taking cohesive efforts to help you look beautiful.

The Infrastructure We embrace well-researched and globally accepted technology, governed, administered and applied by science. All our machineries and skin care devices are manufactured in US, and are FDA approved for being completely safe.

High Standards of Hygiene At Sakasti, hygiene is the most integral part of skin care, and hence, we have evolved a hygiene standard called Blue Gloves. We live by the Blue Glove standard of hygiene and adhere to it. This standard maintains sanitisation and hygiene standards by:

  • Using all disposable consumable products
  • Sanitising every machine and its probe, every room and every product in use before and after every session.
  • Making every therapist undergo through a scrutinised hands sanitisation process before and after every session.

The Catalyst Sakasti is a proud partner to leading international skin care product brands like Dermalogica and Obagi. While complementing Sakasti’s skin beauty treatments, these products serve as highly efficient solution to all your skin problems.

Our Vision To see the world glowing with a beautiful and healthy skin

Our Mission

  • To open Sakasti branches across the country in coming years
  • To educate people on skin-science
  • To employ people with knowledge of skin-science and passion to serve people
  • To launch a skin-care magazine to further increase the awareness of skin-science
  • To open a dream skin-science institute

Blue Gloves

Welcome To the Blue Gloves Standard of Hygiene Excellence.

To us at Sakasti, skin-care is a hygiene exercise, a clean-up of the skin drive and maintenance of it thereafter. And if this does not demand the best of hygiene standards, what will? This demand has propelled us to evolve and maintain a hygiene standard all our own. A standard we call ‘Blue Gloves’ A standard achieved by continuous

Sanitization and use of Disposables :

  • Bed sheets, mouth masks and even head bands used are disposed before and after every session.
  • Every machine and it’s probe, every room and every product in use is sanitized before and after every session.
  • Every therapist undergoes a hands sanitization process before and after every session.

Nothing is more important on a Sakasti premise than adhering to the ‘Blue Gloves’ standard of hygiene. We work by it. We live by it.

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